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3D model update

Limited 3D models are available for download through our website for some headers for PCB layout purposes. You are required to, at a minimum, provide your name and your company name and agree to our license terms. The file types offered are Iges, Step and Acrobat 3D.

If available, the models can be found listed by series from the Alphabetical Search by Series or via the Connector / Terminal Selector links on our website (www.jst.com).

If the models are not listed, please contact your local sales rep or JST Regional Sales Manager.

Why have I been denied 3D models?

Although 3D models can be provided in the format you prefer, the models are provided to customers who have designed in, and will use, the JST connectors and have signed a nondisclosure agreement with a JST Regional Sales Manager. Your local Regional Sales Manager can be found on our website at this link: Rep or Distributor Search

For those with an interest in JST connectors, data sheets are available on our website or we can provide you with more detailed customer drawings in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Datasheets and customer drawings can be requested via the following link: ROH/CMRT/Reach Request form

What is the difference between SBHS-002T-P0.5 and SBHS-002T-P0.5A

The difference is the width of the contact lance. The “A” style is the latest version with a lance that is about twice the width of the original contact (without the “A”).

The contact was modified and went into effect in April 2003 to improve contact retention within the housing and to help prevent accidental extraction and slippage of the contact from the housing.

As the contact lance has been modified, so has the applicable housing. The housing to be used with contact SBHS-002T-P0.5A is part number BHSR-02VS-1(N); the (N) indicates a modification of the housing lance to accommodate the contact with the modified lance.

For further details please contact us here.

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